2019 Lord Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

It was amazing for One Bright Cloud to sponsor Reto To Hope and be part of the 2019 Lord Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast yesterday at the City Hall. So many wonderful people speaking, all with the same goal. The Lord Mayer of Brisbane, Councillor Adrian Schrinner, stated clearly now is the time to “Pray Love and Act”. And he is right; now is the time to act to help people in need. We are now hoping to raise $150,000 for a ladies facility to join the male facility at Reto to Hope. ‘The drug addiction phenomenon has no boundaries; it knows no racial or social distinctions. Countries from the five continents, no matter how developed or undeveloped they may be, are affected by this problem’. https://lnkd.in/gH6YJwi #drug_addiction #RetoTohope #LordMayor #BrisbaneCityHall