Autonomous Vehicle Implementations

One Bright Cloud consults and delivers Autonomous Vehicle and robotic implementations. We can provide you with the knowledge and resources to enable successful routing, integration and communication of automation into your business facility or the public environment.

We offer Program and Project implementation specialty resources to either guide your team or provide the ability to integrate AV technologies into environments across the Asia-Pacific region.

We can supply use cases, scenarios, route requirements to operate driverless transport technologies including pods, busses, taxis and cars. We have 20 years plus experience in large program management including legislation. We work closely with you to understand the unique challenges of your business from a strategic perspective to identify ways which extend and maximise your existing investment and make sure that the public risk is minimised and that your RTO is at its peak.

Our in-house experts have many years’ experience in the implementation of large roll-outs, integration, AI, neural networks and AV programming.

Our specialist prototyping partner can build technologies that supports your AI requirements to investigate business potentials. Contact us today to find out more.

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