What are counter drone technologies?

We all see the tiny helicopter drones flying in parks and recreational facilitates. But there is a sinister side, and one that is becoming a threat in Australia.

Over the last 12 months Australia has had unidentified drones flying over

  • Government Buildings in Canberra;
  • Large dam walls holding back billions of liters of water;
  • Main connection bridges such as the Story Bridge in Brisbane and the Sydney Harbour Bridge;
  • Oil and Gas works;
  • Major pipelines supplying cities and ports;
  • Disaster areas after floods and cyclones.

Over seas sinister drone surveillance and attacks have accounted

  • 80 killed through Chemical attack released from drone in April 2017
  • 196 civilian deaths reported in March 2017
  • 613 civilian deaths reported in January 2016
  • Drone Strikes in Yemen have ramped up to new levels never seen before
  • In Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are designated “areas of active drone hostility,” with major drone strikes

A drone can carry a package and be preset to release the package while the ‘operator’ has long gone from the launch site which may be anything upto 30 km away. These payloads may be cameras spying or surveying points of least resistance; or, more of a threat, could be explosives set to mane, destroy, devastate or cause major disruption and panic.

This video below shows how counter drone technologies will

  • Detect a perimeter breach;
  • Protect a declared zone;
  • Gain control of drone;
  • Remove threat through
    • acquiring its flight signal and landing in a safe zone
    • eliminating the drone threat
    • capturing the drone threat

If the drone can be landed safely without being destroyed the evidence it provides can be used in many ways to identify and capture the initial controller. As One Bright Cloud is specialising in Counter drone Technologies for private, business, government and military usage.