Easymile – Now operating without a driver

I was excited to read that Easymile have taken the step to now operate a fully driverless shuttle.

Another Milestone for Easymile: The First Fully Driverless Service

This is a big step for any business and we look forward to seeing them having a bigger footprint in Australia and Queensland.

If you are interested in knowing how the EZ10 shuttle can work in your facility, contact One Bright Cloud on +61 (07) 3289 5818.

2019 Lord Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

It was amazing for One Bright Cloud to sponsor Reto To Hope and be part of the 2019 Lord Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast yesterday at the City Hall. So many wonderful people speaking, all with the same goal. The Lord Mayer of Brisbane, Councillor Adrian Schrinner, stated clearly now is the time to “Pray Love and Act”. And he is right; now is the time to act to help people in need. We are now hoping to raise $150,000 for a ladies facility to join the male facility at Reto to Hope. ‘The drug addiction phenomenon has no boundaries; it knows no racial or social distinctions. Countries from the five continents, no matter how developed or undeveloped they may be, are affected by this problem’. https://lnkd.in/gH6YJwi #drug_addiction #RetoTohope #LordMayor #BrisbaneCityHall

Rapid prototyping partnership

Rapid prototyping

One Bright Cloud is excited to partner with a Major Offshore company to enable visionary enterprises build world changing products by rapidly prototyping scalable technology solutions. This has given us the opportunity to win three tenders in a row giving us a firmer hold in Government and Industry Sectors. Contact Us for more details on your Prototyping needs.  #prototyping #technologicalsolutions #tender #government #industrialization #rapidprototyping 

EasyMile EZ10 Autonomous Shuttle in Ipswich Qld

EasyMile’s EZ10 electric shuttle will be introduced into Ipswich.

Ipswich City Council has approved the trial of driverless shuttle buses around the water theme park lagoon at Orion Shopping Centre.

“The loop along John Nugent Way takes about five minutes, so it’s a great way to get a taste for what the future of public transport might be like,” Mr Pearce said.

“The driverless shuttles is completely autonomous so no steering wheel, no driver’s seat, no accelerator, no brake. On each corner we have sensors which detect the road (and) they detect if people are walking in front of the vehicle.”

Autonomous vehicle trial towns named for regional NSW

Article By Matt Johnston on Jul 23, 2018 11:08AM from ITNews.
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Driverless testing departs the big smoke.

The NSW government has officially named Coffs Harbour and Armidale as the hosts of the state’s regional trials of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) as it continues to push the driverless technology.

Details of the Coffs Harbour trial released on Monday say it will use level four (fully driverless on specific routes) automated vehicles built by French company EasyMile to ferry up to 12 passengers at a time around the regional hub.

Minister for Roads Maritime and Freight, Melinda Pavey said the government wants to test the technology outside busy metropolitan areas so regional communities can be better represented.

I am very pleased to announce that One Bright Cloud Pty Ltd has become QAssured and GITC accredited.

Our Business Ready QAssure Number is: 11501

Business Ready QAssure is the largest, most up-to-date, competency based database of ICT businesses in Queensland.
The database is searched 20,000+ times each month by procurement professionals and businesses from throughout Queensland
Business Ready QAssure will continue to be an essential tool for procurement professionals, as the government’s systems and processes transition to a new format.

As a Business Ready QAssure partner we are committed to providing the very best service.

We look forward to working closer with our Queensland Government colleagues over the next 12 months and are delighted to be listed as a CCIQ Business Ready QAssure accredited supplier.


David Camus


Slaughterbot Drones – The Truth Hurts

“Slaughterbot” Autonomous Killer Drones | Technology

Not quite reality yet…… Click Here for the video

“It’s a seven-minute video, a collaboration between University of California-Berkeley professor Stuart Russell and the Future of Life Institute that shows a future in which palm-sized, autonomous drones use facial recognition technology and on-board explosives to commit untraceable massacres. The film is the researchers’ latest attempt to build support for a global ban on autonomous weapon systems, which kill without meaningful human control.”

This short video shows the possibilities that are being worked on by integrating existing technologies.

Ipswich City Council release its vision for Autonomous Vehicles on the 24 Oct.

Council will develop an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) strategy to help meet the region’s transport needs of the future.

Infrastructure and Emergency Management Committee Chairperson Cr Cheryl Bromage said the strategy is “visionary” and would help advance Ipswich’s transport system to accommodate future growth.

ITS is described as “the application of modern computer and communication technologies to transport systems, to increase efficiency, reduce pollution and other environmental effects of transport and to increase the safety of the travelling public”.

Read the full media release HERE on the Ipswich Council Website

One Bright Cloud is not affiliated with this project or with Ipswich City Council. We write this article as a news event only.

Swarm Drones – A Nightmare

Swarm Drones

Can you imagine this…. 1000 x 2Lt bottle size drones flying around you on a100m radius.
What could be worse? They have a 1kilo payload of weaponry.
What could be worse?  They are fully autonomous and once given an order carry that order out, working as a swarm of bees, sending in decoys to distract, defences to remove weaponry defences, attack drones to remove the target…you.
Once released the swarm Drones are completely independent, fully autonomous,  thinking for themselves, operating a flight plan that,  as a group, they are reconfiguring on the fly, second by second. At present the only course of action is defence swarm Drones.
This is now a reality with the release in March by the Us military of these attack beasts. They can be release from rocket launcher, aircraft payload or missile launcher, boat or submarines.
Watch this space.