Nerds out of Water Podcast – Episode 13 – mistakes seen during software development projects

Nerds out of Water Podcast – Episode 13 – Mistakes – With David away, this gives Michael an opportunity to rant about some of the mistakes seen during software development projects Listen to us on your favourite podcast app, rate us and provide feedback about future conversations. #Teamscal #OBC #OneBrightCloud #DavidCamus #MichaelLobb #Podcasts

Nerds out of Water Podcast, bushfires, hot ocean, earth pole changes and smartwatch trials

Listen now to the latest Nerds out of Water with Michael and I, going off track and discussing the environment, the bushfires raging through Australia, suspended animation and its impacts on the future, a hotspot off the coast of New Zealand, Earth’s magnetic pole switching and smartwatch trials.

The One Bright Cloud team challenged David Camus, Director, and one of his business partners, the director of Teamscal, Michael Lobb, to speak about where they came from and what makes them tick.

Michael has been working within the IT industry for over 25 years now. During that time he had dabbled with working for himself but 6 years ago he took the plunge and started my own company.

David has been in the Building Engineering and IT Industries since the ’80s. One Bright Cloud was formed to take his dream of Autonomous Vehicle integration into the public domain.

Now Michael and David are asking you to join them on this exploration of business and entrepreneurship from a technologist’s perspective.  They interview other “Nerds” who have become successful business and company owners, as well as explore new and emerging technologies.

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Nerds Out Of Water
Nerds Out Of Water, One Bright Cloud

This morning (26 Nov 2019) David Camus was proud to be a guest representing One Bright Cloud at the cutting of the ribbon for the Karragarra Island RACQ Smart Shuttle.

The driverless bus, a joint initiative between RACQ and Redland City Council with the support of Council of Mayors SEQ, commenced timetabled services on the island, and residents and visitors were welcomed to step onboard for free.

Councillor Mark Edwards – Division 5 Redland Bay opens the event.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams gave details of how this was the first full test Autonomous Vehicle trail in Queensland and that the unique Australian environmental challenges were being put to the test, including the Gum tree growing in the middle of the road. Mayor Williams said, “For me, this journey began in 2017 when I go to experience this technology when in Singapore with the Council of Mayors (SEQ) and I knew then that this innovation could make a real difference to our island communities.”

Rebecca Michael – RACQ Head of Public Policy explained that this trial will give us greater understanding of autonomous vehicles, their suitability to Australian driving conditions and how they interact with other road users. Dr Michael stated that “It’s a critical step in the broader process of integrating this technology more permanently on our roads in future, but it’s equally as important that it’s trusted by Queenslanders”.

Greg Gerrard from Easy Mile explained that there are more than 250 projects happening using Easy Mile, and to date, there have been no accidents. He noted that this trial will bridge the gap for the first and last mile on a journey and pointed out the hundreds of cars parked at the ferry terminal and the last mile connection of these vehicles.

David Camus and Greg Gerrard
Easy access

One Bright Cloud is proud to be on many government panels, Local Buy, GITC accredited, ICTSS.13.03, QAssure and Business Ready (as a start). We have vendor agreements in place to be able to be engaged for Business Change, Hardware, Software, Licensing, Development, Contracting, Consultancy, Integration, Data Management, Autonomous Capability, AI, AV and more. The team is looking forward to hearing from you. And the team still gives back to the community by supporting Opera Queensland, Starlight Children’s Foundation and Reto to Hope.

Easymile – Now operating without a driver

I was excited to read that Easymile have taken the step to now operate a fully driverless shuttle.

Another Milestone for Easymile: The First Fully Driverless Service

This is a big step for any business and we look forward to seeing them having a bigger footprint in Australia and Queensland.

If you are interested in knowing how the EZ10 shuttle can work in your facility, contact One Bright Cloud on +61 (07) 3289 5818.