OBC Services

One Bright Cloud Pty Ltd include:-

OBC Consulting helps you manage significant digital transformations. Working in Federal and state agencies; in the Water, Energy, Health, Security, and Mining sectors. OBC Provides Consulting Services and on the ground resources. Our advice and services are based on our knowledge of delivery of extensive modern, data consuming application integrations with AI, AV, COTS, SaaS, Industry 4.0, robotics, data security, cybersecurity, compliance, and people change capabilities.

OBC Managed Services – delivering managed services including OBC Retail outlets and highly secure, high traffic Web Hosting.

OBC Consulting – We keep your business safe and secure while being at the forefront of breaking technologies. Autonomous capabilities, cybersecurity, QGEA compliance, people change, technology change.

We make sure that scopes are set, adhered to, and understood by every member of the team. RAPCI models to confirm accountability (Responsible, Accountable, Producer, Consulted and Informed) and a delivery model that matches the requirements, whether that be MSP v5, AGILE©, PRINCE2©, PMBOK© with change capability following the ‘Procsi Change Management Methodology’© and the ADKAR© model.

As businesses seek to gain the power of a digital economy we embrace Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution). We look at smart houses, smart cities, smart businesses. OBC design ideas that are highly flexible, efficient, dynamic, and link people, technology, and adaption.

One Bright Cloud can offer exceptional skill sets across multiple disciplines and methodologies. We ensure that knowledge is transferred and that your IP stays with you.

  • Full team insertion providing effective portfolio, program and project management services. We have the capability of delivering the team as and when they are needed alleviating the struggle of managing separate contracts within a dynamic and fluid project environment. We can manage enterprise projects, with robust methodologies with high-quality project management teams.
  • Specialty members. PMO, Portfolio, program or project-specific. Integrating automation, CRM, ERP, payroll, architects, analysis, design, change scope, risk and issues management, planning, scheduling, resource management, quality assurance, and stakeholder communications.
  • Cyber Security compliance. ‘Digital and ICT touches on everything we do, whether it’s our external or internal services, our behind-the-scenes processes, the information we handle, or the underpinning applications and technologies we use’. We will guide you through the traps, provide applicability of the government mandates including
    • Administrative arrangements order no. 1 2018; and
    • Financial and Performance Management Standard 2019;
    • Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA)
  • Specialty Relieving the stress of teams, daily team operation, and administering the back end of the program and project.

OBC Managed Services provides capabilities for business to leverage from business hub environments to learn from some of the best minds in the industry.

We have partnered to allow web hosting, mirrored across the Atlantic to keep your data and up-time to a maximum or house your cloud locally in Australia.

We manage several retail outlets both online and physical, providing the support and staffing that small business owners need so they can excel in the ideas. OBC Managed Services manages business such as BBears and Gifts and LetsGo Peru.

One Bright Cloud is proud to be an premium industry member of the ICN Gateway.

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