Public Safety Solutions

Safety is paramount. One Bright Cloud specialises in fit for purpose solutions that have public safety at the forefront. We design solutions that combine multi-facetted technologies that aim to deliver the highest level of safety benefits for Automated Driving.

We have partnered with route specialists, pod manufactures, systems integrators and design architects to bring a safe route to trial and execute delivery.

Use cases include the delivery of small pods into ‘safe’ environments such as aged care facilities, universities and airports. More public environments include walkways, shopping malls, new housing estates and public entertainment venues.

Drone Detection and Neutralisation

One Bright Cloud has teamed with experts for both reactive and proactive drone detection, warning and eradication with long-distance (3-5km) telemetry. Our systems are capable of

  • drone identification
  • video-feed detection and manipulation
  • thermal image detection
  • control command infiltration and landing ability.

Rather than focusing on the neutralisation of the drone in flight, our solutions focus on infiltrating the flight commands and landing the drone in a safe format. This will enable data to be captured from the malicious operator providing evidence collection that can be used to locate, detect and capture the operator.

This drone detection ability is ideal for public safety and the removal of unwanted video feeds. Specifically formulated for the detection and reduction of drone attacks using small parcel charges against areas such as

  • Power Stations
  • High Profile Events
  • Military installations
  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Air supported ground attacks
  • Dams and Water treatment plants

Counter Drones Capability

Our partners offer specialty design of night drones, counter-UAV systems and rapid deployment camera drones.

We bring together teams that specialise in an extensive range of public and private safety implementations, pods, rapid deployment cameras (RDCs) and security devices. Our solutions include not only high payload drones but also the removal of malicious drones.

Rapid deployment cameras solutions can be drone lifted into inaccessible areas. They are self-sufficient and can be set up in a covert operational environment.

One Bright Cloud has first-hand knowledge of deployment after natural disasters such as cyclones or bush fires.

See our paper on Counter Drone Technologies.