Autonomus Vehciles will reduce accidents by 93%. Julia Markovich, Transportation Analyst with the Conference Board of Canada, stated “A system of auto mobility became entrenched in the 20th century. Approaches to government, policy and design were all based around the car. We enforced that system of auto mobility,” said Markovich. “The culture is now moving into a new era.“

As 90% of accidents are due to human error this is an easily achievble % in the present environment. 
What will alter this?
As Autonomus Vehcilces are introduced there will be an imediate decline in the number of accidents. In fact, we alreaady harvested this in the mining industry. It is proven that the 400 tonne Autonomus Pilberra trucks have reduced accidents. The only accidents that happen are the smaller non autonomus trucks trying to cut through before the driverless trucks come through.
So the figures are allready becoming murky as we have already strated the reduction.
Vehicels will be fit for need. They will deliver indivduals, couples and bus loads on a fit for use basis. Light rail, driverless cars and busses will run around in complete understanding on what “other traffic” is doing.
Due to the transition from human driven to autonomous a spike will happen with humans wanting to interact, both maliciously and in error with the units. To reduce this dedicated lanes, tracks and areas are the best line of defence, but costly.
So between now and 2025, how will you react?