Nerds out of Water – Ep 19

David and Michael discuss the current COVID-19 issues and add some tips around working from home, and the heightened level of cybersecurity threats that are happening. Ai threats, social threats and enabling businesses to understand and quantify those threats. They cover company pitching and why it shouldn’t put you to sleep.

Nerds out of Water – Ep 18 – Jason Gibson

In this episode, David and Michael chat with a colleague and long term friend of David’s.  Jason Gibson is the director of Neon Poodle, a very successful, multi-national business designing, manufacturing and selling neon lights and word neon art across USA, Europe and Australia. We speak on how he got to this point, learning of the way through and what has got him here.

Nerds out of Water – Ep 18 – Jason Gibson

Episode 17 of Nerds out of Water

In Episode 17 of Nerds out of Water Michael and David discuss the criteria for eligibility in the Australian Government stimulus packages before diving headfirst into popular conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic. We discuss smart stuff (glasses, contacts, homes and transport) as well as looking at a giant stringy sea creature. We also discuss climate change and oojemaphlips (whatever they are)! #NerdsOutOfWater #NOOW #OBC #OneBrightCloud #Teamscal #Covid19 #coronavirus #podcast

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Michael on Twitter: @michaellobb

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