Nerds out of Water – Episode 21

In this episode of Nerds out of Water, Michael and David discuss Facebook and their responsible use of its power as well as touching on some of the less ethical things they do.

We talk about how your biometric data can be breached, and the consequences. We also discuss drone delivery of library books and raise awareness of some mental health issues.

Really big shout out to Paul Leonard from Dark Escapes Media (see Episode 8 for a full interview!) for doing the audio production on this in order to keep me from blasting your ears off.

David: @davewith7
Michael: @michaellobb

Nerds out of Water – Ep 20 – Michelle Delebet

It was a great episode to have the Famous CHANGE WHISPER on Nerds out of Water.

Change is inevitable. It’s coming for you, me and everyone else. 

Michelle Delebet runs a company, Corporate Growing Pains, specialising in promoting change fluency in organisations, enabling massive tech transformations to progress from idea to delivery and into ‘normal’.

Michelle tells us stories from her career as a “Change Whisperer” and we discuss the importance of curiosity. And now for some reason, I have a hankering for her siracha and chilli marmalade.

Nerds out of Water – Episode 16

Nerds out of Water – Episode 16 – Michael & David talk about COVID-19 pandemic including the response in Australia, NZ, Vietnam and the Czech Republic. They cover the stimulus packages being put in place by the government to bring the economy back (and to keep things going), and they discuss tools to help you stay in touch and secure while working from home. 

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Nerds out of Water Podcast, bushfires, hot ocean, earth pole changes and smartwatch trials

Listen now to the latest Nerds out of Water with Michael and I, going off track and discussing the environment, the bushfires raging through Australia, suspended animation and its impacts on the future, a hotspot off the coast of New Zealand, Earth’s magnetic pole switching and smartwatch trials.