Swarm Drones – A Nightmare

Swarm Drones

Can you imagine this…. 1000 x 2Lt bottle size drones flying around you on a100m radius.
What could be worse? They have a 1kilo payload of weaponry.
What could be worse?  They are fully autonomous and once given an order carry that order out, working as a swarm of bees, sending in decoys to distract, defences to remove weaponry defences, attack drones to remove the target…you.
Once released the swarm Drones are completely independent, fully autonomous,  thinking for themselves, operating a flight plan that,  as a group, they are reconfiguring on the fly, second by second. At present the only course of action is defence swarm Drones.
This is now a reality with the release in March by the Us military of these attack beasts. They can be release from rocket launcher, aircraft payload or missile launcher, boat or submarines.
Watch this space.