VTOL – Urban Short Hop Vehicles

Since the 1950’s there have been designs of Vertical Take-Off & Landing Units. Over the last few years, this is becoming more and more real. Now at many private and government areas, we are looking Urban Air Mobility.

Electric Motors have enabled almost any vehicle to have electronic motors to propel them. New industries are being created to reduce traffic congestion. In 10 years time, Short Hop Urban Air Mobility will be an everyday occurrence and we will be able to jump on an (Autonomous??) Urban Short Hop vehicle and travel 50km from suburb to suburb.

Around the world, Certification and establishing Air Worthiness of VTOL vehicles. Air Space Control agreements need to be in place to remove the risks of other air traffic, including Drones and new Space Aircraft that will be coming out in this time.

Test Beds are being created to develop this work, to understand what will be required under many different conditions. Safety is paramount, off-nominal (lost of propulsion, loss of wing, loss of rotor), understand winds and vehicle speeds are all part and parcel of the testbed work.

As with Autonomous vehicles, the trust factor is one we will need to move past. With Autonomous Vehicles, some countries are taking this trust in hand, having trial after trial. This introduces the public to the idea, provides a belief, and sets wheels (or rotors) in motion for the next era. It is unfortunate that other states are hiding the trials in very small, unpopulated areas which have no, or minimal influence on the public, who are ultimately the decision-makers.

David Camus, Director of One Bright Cloud.

One Bright Cloud provides solutions for automation and is taking steps to bring public safety, autonomous vehicles (both air and ground), into the public mainstream